JWT Photo Experience

Please download from the link below and extract to get running. So this is version 1 with no webserver support. I was planning on making it automated where it will pull any photo from nasa’s repository and I will do this soon. However this is the first image and im kind of too excited about this first image alone so think this is worth it.

JWT Screen

Types of Skyboxes attempted

I inverted the normals on a sphere and used this initially as you can see the galaxies a little closer than a skybox based on their scale size. Alas the distortion with the pin hole effect was a little much.

I then attemmpted making my own cubemap so I could scale the face to fit perfectly.. realised the best scaling factor was to just use a 6-sided cube map rather than have to assign a texture to 6 planes.

Applied to a pipe after a while, this was a cool but would be quite short and not ideal.. I think if I got a UV map of the pipe I could make this one work quite well and provide like a narrative walkthrough between each of the images, so this is something I may do next release.

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