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James Web Photo Viewer VR App

Small standalone application that sets the skybox to the JWT photo images. I have experimented with different skyboxes and have noted my findings inside. The main purpose is to see if it makes it feel any more impactful or if you don't have access to a high resolution display but have an arguably more accessible VR headset then you can view the photos in their FHD glory!

Consciousness Part 2

The mind-body problem was what I have always coined as the embodiment problem in AI. When you try advance to GPT how are we able to understand its development to advanced AI if we have yet to grasp the very fundamentals in quantum mechanics and physics. I am going to elaborate from my first post more, with better hypothetical questions to debate.

All in One PDF Whiteboard Note App

Developed before I started my PhD to support in understanding research topics from no knowledge to eventually having something comprehensible on paper. Haven't updated it since 2021 but used it every week. The format projects are saved to will be supported in future releases. I will discuss this here.

Investing in Markets

Becoming financially literate to break out the loop, balance your portfolio and understand how much knowledge there is to gain from setting up a company. Basic discussion on my views on crypto and stocks included. Not investment advice, but points to support becoming financially literate.

Download All My Games Here

I haven't really made games for profit and with Apple / Google policies changing as frequent as they are I can't rebuild every game to support their platform changes. So I have decided to make this my primary game release page where you can directly download my games to experience should they be taken down from other publishing platforms.

Architecture for Cyberspace in XR

In the process of developing my interaction framework for visualizing multi dimensional data, this post will outline decentralization of the so called metaverse and how we can leverage new mediums into everyday navigation.

Developing Pixel Arcade VR

At its launch there were few VR games out there. Anything developed was quickly enjoyed by the smaller but passionate VR playerbase. So releasing a VR title in 2016 was unchartered territory. Pixel Arcade has been for sale since on Steam, Vive Port and has a partnership with Smilegate Stove; Tencents approach at VR arcades for the Korean markets. Enjoy the technical breakdown

The Future of Programming & The Humane Representation of Thought

This is more of a real time write up of two videos I have found from quite a special computer scientist Bret Victor. He is clearly passionate about interface design and has some incredibly interesting write ups looking into the past of interaction and the initial words mentioned in early literature that is used everyday now.

Paper on Consciousness Part 1

Technology can record neuron activity, and also create a digital copy of them post mortem. Studies have sliced a small segment of a rat brain and digitally reconstructed them into a model. Does this mean if you repeated this process for the whole brain your consciousness would be reconstructed digitally? Recent studies also raise questions about whether brain damage and death are permanent. If that doesn't make you curious..

Sentence a Day App & Spotify Playlist to CSV

Two simple C# projects that I wanted to make for myself. One allows for a diary entry for each day using some old windows forms code that allows for minimizing to icon tray, progressive and can be continually worked on while functionality is still supported. The Spotify grabber returns all the songs in a play list with their artist and album, great if you want to migrate away from Spotify and move onto another platform without losing playlists, or just to keep regular back ups of your beloved playlists.

Privacy Considerations for XR

Oculus have updated their privacy policy to align more with their parent company Facebook. I do say Meta data isn't meta if you are recording everything, the future of this space has many privacy implications. Update, this blog was written before the company changed to be Meta.

Low-rate Picture Transmission from Weather Satellites

Watched a really cool video on an attack on a garage door by reverse engineering the radio transmission from the fob. I am now looking at taking real time photos from weather satellites.

Designing a new product to 3D Print in 30 Minutes.

Diving deeper into 3D printing. Decided to create a china step buckle for a bag that broke, during covid would have taken long to arrive. A new mountain bike mount, snowboard mount and also a 30 minute design to print challenge.

Game Server Port Forwarding, CGN & NAT Type 'Strict'

Sent down a hole of configuration to get my game server visible on the WAN. Discussing what Carrier Grade Nat (CGN) is and Restricted NAT types.

Hosting a Jekyll blog with no database

This website is hosted without a back end. Imagine developing numerous static HTML pages such as header, content and footer elements and then stitching them together to get the page you see now. A static site generator builds a website once, then delivers the pages as static pages with no server side processing. From a high level, its doing a find and replace on key values..